Saturday, September 26, 2020

Why Christians Have a Problem With Buddhism

Image by Helena Cuerva from Pixabay 

Over the past 10 or so years, I’ve been listening to some Christians explain why they feel like other religions are wrong and evil. Especially such a peaceful seeming religion like Buddhism.
What I’ve come to understand is Buddhism, Taoism and other religions like that are religions of “SELF.” Everything is about self…self-awakening, self-enlightenment, self-perfectionism. God, who is the only one who can perfect man because he’s the one that created man and is the only one who knows what a perfect man is to begin with, is almost completely absent from this equation (Buddhism is supposed to be an Atheistic religion but in the East, it’s very clear to me that they are worshipping a multiplicity of Gods. Just because they don’t worship one MAIN God doesn’t make the religion Atheistic. But as usual, the West has no idea what the hell they are talking about with these eastern religions).

That is why Christians and others of the Abrahamic religions call these other religions “Satanism” because Satan was all about SELF too. He felt he didn’t need God and wanted to take the place of God. By going to self to obtain enlightenment you are doing the same thing Satan did.
Christianity and other Abramic religions oppose this as one of Christianities main tenements is “sacrificing yourself for others” and “honoring God” and going through God to obtain enlightenment and perfection.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Computer is a tool for divination....A Black Mirror

I'm convinced that my strange experiences role-playing online was a harbinger for the eternal supernatural Kingdom of God.

And if it's not a harbinger for the "New Heaven and New Earth" that the Bible speaks of....then it's either heaven or hell itself! 

I'm not really sure which one because my experiences were both heavenly and hellish. But after reading "The Book of Enoch" and a few other lost books of the Bible, I know that the ancient ones believed that there were multiple heavens and hells. There were at least 7 heavens, I believe, so surely they would have seen the internet as at least one of them. 

My adventure online started with my RPG Character Adam. Adam wasn't my first RPG Character but he might be the one I played the longest. I spent about 3 years living a completely different life in the parallel dimension that was the internet. And throughout this time Adam wasn't alone. He had two best friends and teammates, Ethan and Koi. 

In our little fictional online world, this trio was felt like they were running things!

I don't know what me(Adam), Koi and Ethan thought we were teammates for. We just were a "team" constantly with each other, fighting beside each other, and often fighting with each other. Though the last one was always playful and just to sharpen each other. 

I had no clue, none, that Koi and Ethan might have been joined to me, that we were "teamed" together. These were just some friends I thought I met online randomly. 

The story of our RPG was a high school full of people with all kinds of supernatural abilities. Everything from witchcraft, to super powers, to being genius Mecha pilots. It was basically Hogwarts+.

I myself made this high school RPG. In real life, I loved action movies, “guy” movies, and heartwarming “buddy” flicks where guys had fun pranking on each other or saved the day while dropping witty one-liners. It seemed to me like male bonding was hella good stuff! 

Even though I was female I’d always wanted to experience that kind of close nit friendship with a guy.

Scene from "The Blues Brothers" one of my favorite buddy movies!

And that’s when roleplaying with Ethan and Koi came into the picture. It was like I had finally gotten my weirdest wish and was part of a guy team in an awesome action anime series!

 Koi was the team leader. He and Ethan had magical abilities while my Adam was a martial artist and exorcist mech pilot. Later in life I would study real exorcism and demon hunting and learn that there was in fact a lot of demon summoning and exorcism techniques incorporated into certain martial arts styles, like Tai Chi.

I didn't know all of that though back then. I just thought Adam sounded cool. And together with Koi and Ethan they made a dynamic and entertaining buddy team. All three of us were good writers and creative. Each character was distinct. Ethan and Adam, in particular, were good comedy writers. And the trio spent as much time goofing on each other as they did being heroes. It was like the "Impractical Jokers" meets "Naruto".

I played with these guys from around 1999 to 2001. The internet was still fresh and new and we were teenagers exploring this giant virtual playground, without any real idea of what this thing called “the internet” was.

But explore it we did. 

Unfortunately, I found out that all though the computer was a giant glowing portal, everything in there was not centered on "light." 

There is a lot of hidden danger in this dimension.

I had to find this out the hard way…

Monday, September 14, 2020

I Accidentally Unlocked an Ancient Demon that was Trapped in My MP3 Player

I dead ass did!

It was an innocent mistake. And now I realize how easy it is to let ourselves get repossessed by old demons and unleash old ghosts we thought we busted already!

 I was selling an old mp3 player of mine on eBay. I got a buyer for it quickly and was trying to be a good salesperson by charging up the MP3 a bit before I sent it off to the buyer. I plugged it into the computer to charge and instantly the computer tells me there are some files still on this old gadget.

When that file popped up on my computer I couldn't resist looking at all those old songs (yeah, 2001 seems damn near prehistoric in 2020). 

I'm not gonna lie it felt good listening to those old songs. They brought me back to much simpler days...days long before the covid 19.

I downloaded the music to my computer and listened to them all night. Then the next day...I felt it...the burning.

The Burning is what I call the strange feeling of excitement someone gets when possessed by a demon. When demons enter your body you'll know by feeling a slight burning sensation. For the most part, the sensation isn't painful(it might be painful if it's a powerful demon). It's more like a hot excitement inside you. I was feeling that hot excitement all night now as I was surfing through the web like a madwoman looking for stuff to BUY. 

This particular demon I unlocked in the mp3 was a kind of "greed demon" that expresses itself by addictive shopping.

It's not that I had defeated this demon before, it's just that I was so broke for so long I couldn't afford to feed him. I had starved it out in poverty.

I spent a few years in homeless shelters in New York with my child. Then I struggled, working as a fantasy phone sex operator just to pay the bills and take care of my son.

Shopping for myself was just something I couldn't afford to do for the most part. But all it took was me listening to those old songs on that MP3 and I was shopping like I did when I was 20. When the little bullshit jobs I had were just so I could blow all the money on partying and buying goodies.. I was online for hours comparing prices, looking for the best style and best deals. POWER SHOPPING. Then I went to sleep and woke up just to start shopping again! 

And this demon is still with me. I'm spending more money then I feel I should lately and that hot excitement, that subtle electricity, keeps coming back. 

I'm trying to exorcise this demon but it's hard. It feels good to BUY. It feels so good before it feels really bad. It feels bad to be careless with your money. This is a bloodline demon for me because my family seems to be the same way. We love to SHOP! 

This is just a warning to folks. Demons can get trapped in our media players. The black cube and black mirrors were thought to have magical powers for centuries. 

TV, Computers, MP3s and all of that are nothing but black cubes and black mirrors. Remember that. 

There's ghost in the machines... there are demons too!

I just gotta exorcise this demon before I gotta get rid of him the hard my own poverty!

I'll keep trying and let ya'll know how it goes!

Friday, September 11, 2020

Weiss Kruez pt. 2

As I said in part 1, The Weis Kruez anime is a great example of Male Beta sex kitten programming,

But aside from that this show also has a bit of an obsession with Nazism:

That's hardly unique to anime at all. The worst offender I've seen of this is probably Bakuretsu Hunters:

Bakuretsu (Sorcerer) Hunters is also Beta Sex Kitten Programming for both men and women. But it's so overt about it, it makes my stomach turn. I hated this anime. 

Not only are the two lead female characters dressed up as dominatrixes but one of them is dressed as some kind of Nazi Dom! 

What dressing like slutty Hitler has to do with hunting sorcerers, I do not know. But Sorcerer Hunters is another good example of Beta Sex Kitten Programming in anime. One of the end results of this kind of programming shows up in cosplaying:

Sorcerer Hunter cosplayer

So what's wrong with this? Well, let's just say there isn't anything wrong with it. But would you be acting this way without the programming? If these cosplayers had never seen Sorcerer Hunters would they be dressing up like Nazi Doms in front of a bunch of strangers at an anime convention?

Would me and my friends be acting out gay role plays if we hadn't seen Weiss Kreuz or some other anime with the Beta Programming worked in? All I know is I wasn't much interested in these kinds of things until I slipped into the WK fandom. And that's how programming works, it gets you to do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. Even if those things don't seem harmful at first they wouldn't be programming you unless there was a reason.

What's the reason? My guess is just to put more confusion and anxiety into the world. Seeing half-naked women like that makes people uncomfortable. It makes men uncomfortable for some male reasons I as a woman don't totally understand. But also some men really want to avoid sin and seeing half-naked women around tempting them makes it that much harder.

It makes women uncomfortable because women feel pressured to do the same to get attention when a lot of us women would rather not. It makes some women jealous afraid their boyfriends/husbands will keep looking at these girls. It distracts from other more important things like real love between men and women. Instead when women dress half-naked like that it encourages the "predatory sexuality" I see between men and women these days. Of men trying to use women for sex and women trying to use men for money. Actual love has vacated the premises.

It basically darkens the world of humans a little more. In 2020 haven't things gotten dark enough already? And the more we darken and bring confusion and anxiety to the world, the more the real fantastic world of the heavenly Kingdom is kept at bay. 

Once again, I'm not trying to embarrass anyone who partakes in any of these fandoms. I'm just saying be careful and think about what you are doing. Why are you doing these strange sexual things? Did you want to do them before something triggered it in you?

I use to be part of the anime fandom and I know how seductive it is. Its fun, the anime world is beautiful. It's full of adventures and colors and love. Magic and great characters. There are heroes there...and sometimes it doesn't seem like there's any in the real world.

But the most amazing world is right around the corner.  It's crazy but I can feel it and it's so exciting! It's full of superhumans and adventure as well. Amazing character and the most fantastic heroes!

And it's going to be real. It is real. It' more real than the "real" world.

But God cannot tolerate unrighteousness and darkness and I understand. Heaven cannot be heaven if it's filled with the same thoughtlessness as earth. A woman who walks around with her top off not caring how that makes others feel would make people uncomfortable up there too, so would a man who just wants to use women for sex. That kind of thing will not fly in the Kingdom, all that has to be cleansed out. 

That "cleansing" will be with fire like the bible says. 

That's why we gotta turn away from some of the bad things anime might have programmed into us. Cleanse ourselves now so we don't have to be cleansed in the fire later...

We're all just learning, myself included. And the more we learn, the more we grow beautiful as humans. And the more beautiful we become, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, the closer the Kingdom gets. And you won't need the false anime world anymore. 

The greatest adventure you could imagine is the Kingdom, remember that! Better than any video game, anime, or romance novel. Don't trade in the amazing pleasures of heaven for slutty Hitler or assassin sex cats.

Leave this kind of fuckery in hell where it belongs. 


Thursday, September 10, 2020

Isaiah 52:11


Depart ye, depart ye, go ye out from thence, touch no unclean thing; go ye out of the midst of her; be ye clean, that bear the vessels of the Lord.

The Day a Demon Hunter Was Born...


Isaiah 50

For the Lord God will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed.

Isaiah 51

Hearken unto me, ye that know righteousness, the people in whose heart is my law; fear ye not the reproach of men, neither be ye afraid of their revilings.

Song I've been vibing to all day: Corina - "Now that You're Gone"



Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Weiss Kruez


Weiss Kruez is not the best Anime out there.

It's not the most exciting. It's not the most "deep" anime you'll ever find.

But Weiss Kruez does have the most affective Beta (Male) Sex Kitten programming I ever seen.

The show itself doesn't show much sex in it, at least nothing too explicit that I can remember (it's been twenty years since i've seen this series). But this cartoon has a "spirit" about it that just "switches on" things in people that probably shouldn't be switched on. 

It switched things on in me and my online friends. We started watching the series and immediately started acting out gay role plays with each other involving the male characters. 

Two of us were females who enjoyed playing male characters. Yes, just like how heterosexual males like to see lesbians together sometimes heterosexual females can be the same way about seeing two handsome young men together.

One of my friends might have been a guy pretending to be a girl...but that sordid mess well talk about another day.

Either way, me and my two online besties started acting a bit strange as soon as we started watching this show. 

And its not just us, look up some of the fanart and fanfiction for this show. Lots of playings around with upside down crosses and homoeroticism. 

Once again, there's nothing that's actually in the show about gay sex or overt satanism. I think one of the characters, Youji, is mentioned as being bisexual. But the show itself isn't hentai.

It's just the "spirit" of this show that encourages this response out of people:

Upside down cross symbolism (Christian inversion/Satanism)

Fanart by daotae

And it won't take long for you to run into some dark homoeroticism when looking up fanart for the show:

Fanart by tashigi

I'm not trying to embarass anyone by pointing these things out. I use to be a fan of the show and even wrote some fanfiction about it myself. I also use to enjoy some light Yaoi stories and read Slash/Yaoi fanfiction. My deviantart page is still online, somewhere, and might have some incriminating evidence of a girl who likes watching gorgeous guys fondle each other.

But getting back to the Beta Sex Kittens, I should mention that the characters codenames are all cats.

Just like in Beta Sex Kitten Programming. The 4 main heros all have cat alters. 

The story is these four guys (3 adult males and a teenage boy) are all assassins. Their codenames (Cat Alters) are:

Aya = CodenameAbyssinian

Youji = CodenameBalinese

Ken = CodenameSiberian

Omi = CodenameBombay (Weiß Kreuz), Persia (Weiß Kreuz Glühen*)

So yeah. Their all named after cats. Sex kittens.

People wonder how Beta Sex Kitten programming works with male slaves. Weiss can show you how. Watching this show attaches a strange spirit to people that can make some people act out.

Switching things on in people that maybe should not be switched on.

Just be careful what you're watching and what you're letting your kids watch. 

There's much more to discuss about this in part 2

Monday, September 7, 2020

Turn Away

You would think turning away from evil would be easy.

In the movies, demons look ugly. They are so terrifying they split you to the core and can cause people to go insane just from the looks of them.

But I've rarely seen an ugly demon. The ones I've encountered are all the more horrific because they are beautiful. They are seductive. They will split you to the core as well by getting you to peel yourself and do the dirty work for them!

They camouflage themselves in your deepest, most intense desires.

It's really hard to say no to that. You start making up excuses in your mind of why it might be okay. Maybe even God wanted this for you.

They tickle your secrets and make you giggle in places you thought were too dark or weird to venture into. You start to think it's safe to revel in these ideas. 

Then they use them against you and you're FUCKED.

Admit it though, in your heart you knew there was something ugly about this "spirit" and you shouldn't trust it...but it's hard to say no to a dream that's coming true!

And this is the predicament I find myself in...

I spent the first half of my life being heavily "protected" and kept away from other people. Though as a teen I did have friends and even a best girlfriend, I always felt lonely and "separated." I wasn't allowed to go anywhere with friends after school, though I often broke that rule even if it meant a beating when I got home. Going to movies, having a boyfriend, even going to school dances was often out of the question.

So I was kind of a lonely kid who spent most of her time in front of a book, a television or inside her own head. One of my deepest desires was to find my soulmate. Someone who was "like me" and could understand me and I could understand them. 

A best friend through thick and thin. My other half. 

So like a "genie*" the demon(s) gave me my greatest wish.

A best friend. The one whom I trusted and gave my heart to.

I think by now you should have guessed this story doesn't end well...

Friday, September 4, 2020

Everyday Exorcisms: Shabbat Lesson 8/22/2020

Points I got from a Dr. Charles Stanly youtube video I watched with my son for our Saturday Bible study.
He says these are the ways Satan infiltrates and tries to destroy people. As a survivor of Satanic Ritual abuse, I know that there are a lot more and we can go much deeper, but definitely, this list is a good start to guarding yourselves!

I also completed an ebook about the Python water spirits. It was a short read and I managed to finish it in a day. I'll make a deeper review of it another time. But yeah, this Sabbath I was contending with Satan a lot but feel great having received so much edification!

Dr. Charles Stanly: Satan's Strategy for Destroying people

  • Points your attention to something in your life you don't have. Never points you to all the things you have. Creates desire.

  • Chooses his timing. Knows when we are most vulnerable (Jesus when he was fasting. HALT! Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. Vulnerable to Satanic attack. )

  • Creates doubt in the Mind. (Rationalize sin in their mind)

  • Satan wants to get in a Debate ( Stand on the word of God like Jesus did)

  • Uses Deception as his Weapon.

  • He wants to create division. Old vs. Young. The word of God harmonizes. Truth Harmonizes. Even if the truth is harsh or hurtful it will harmonize.