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I Accidentally Unlocked an Ancient Demon that was Trapped in My MP3 Player

I dead ass did!

It was an innocent mistake. And now I realize how easy it is to let ourselves get repossessed by old demons and unleash old ghosts we thought we busted already!

 I was selling an old mp3 player of mine on eBay. I got a buyer for it quickly and was trying to be a good salesperson by charging up the MP3 a bit before I sent it off to the buyer. I plugged it into the computer to charge and instantly the computer tells me there are some files still on this old gadget.

When that file popped up on my computer I couldn't resist looking at all those old songs (yeah, 2001 seems damn near prehistoric in 2020). 

I'm not gonna lie it felt good listening to those old songs. They brought me back to much simpler days...days long before the covid 19.

I downloaded the music to my computer and listened to them all night. Then the next day...I felt it...the burning.

The Burning is what I call the strange feeling of excitement someone gets when possessed by a demon. When demons enter your body you'll know by feeling a slight burning sensation. For the most part, the sensation isn't painful(it might be painful if it's a powerful demon). It's more like a hot excitement inside you. I was feeling that hot excitement all night now as I was surfing through the web like a madwoman looking for stuff to BUY. 

This particular demon I unlocked in the mp3 was a kind of "greed demon" that expresses itself by addictive shopping.

It's not that I had defeated this demon before, it's just that I was so broke for so long I couldn't afford to feed him. I had starved it out in poverty.

I spent a few years in homeless shelters in New York with my child. Then I struggled, working as a fantasy phone sex operator just to pay the bills and take care of my son.

Shopping for myself was just something I couldn't afford to do for the most part. But all it took was me listening to those old songs on that MP3 and I was shopping like I did when I was 20. When the little bullshit jobs I had were just so I could blow all the money on partying and buying goodies.. I was online for hours comparing prices, looking for the best style and best deals. POWER SHOPPING. Then I went to sleep and woke up just to start shopping again! 

And this demon is still with me. I'm spending more money then I feel I should lately and that hot excitement, that subtle electricity, keeps coming back. 

I'm trying to exorcise this demon but it's hard. It feels good to BUY. It feels so good before it feels really bad. It feels bad to be careless with your money. This is a bloodline demon for me because my family seems to be the same way. We love to SHOP! 

This is just a warning to folks. Demons can get trapped in our media players. The black cube and black mirrors were thought to have magical powers for centuries. 

TV, Computers, MP3s and all of that are nothing but black cubes and black mirrors. Remember that. 

There's ghost in the machines... there are demons too!

I just gotta exorcise this demon before I gotta get rid of him the hard my own poverty!

I'll keep trying and let ya'll know how it goes!