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Weiss Kruez pt. 2

As I said in part 1, The Weis Kruez anime is a great example of Male Beta sex kitten programming,

But aside from that this show also has a bit of an obsession with Nazism:

That's hardly unique to anime at all. The worst offender I've seen of this is probably Bakuretsu Hunters:

Bakuretsu (Sorcerer) Hunters is also Beta Sex Kitten Programming for both men and women. But it's so overt about it, it makes my stomach turn. I hated this anime. 

Not only are the two lead female characters dressed up as dominatrixes but one of them is dressed as some kind of Nazi Dom! 

What dressing like slutty Hitler has to do with hunting sorcerers, I do not know. But Sorcerer Hunters is another good example of Beta Sex Kitten Programming in anime. One of the end results of this kind of programming shows up in cosplaying:

Sorcerer Hunter cosplayer

So what's wrong with this? Well, let's just say there isn't anything wrong with it. But would you be acting this way without the programming? If these cosplayers had never seen Sorcerer Hunters would they be dressing up like Nazi Doms in front of a bunch of strangers at an anime convention?

Would me and my friends be acting out gay role plays if we hadn't seen Weiss Kreuz or some other anime with the Beta Programming worked in? All I know is I wasn't much interested in these kinds of things until I slipped into the WK fandom. And that's how programming works, it gets you to do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. Even if those things don't seem harmful at first they wouldn't be programming you unless there was a reason.

What's the reason? My guess is just to put more confusion and anxiety into the world. Seeing half-naked women like that makes people uncomfortable. It makes men uncomfortable for some male reasons I as a woman don't totally understand. But also some men really want to avoid sin and seeing half-naked women around tempting them makes it that much harder.

It makes women uncomfortable because women feel pressured to do the same to get attention when a lot of us women would rather not. It makes some women jealous afraid their boyfriends/husbands will keep looking at these girls. It distracts from other more important things like real love between men and women. Instead when women dress half-naked like that it encourages the "predatory sexuality" I see between men and women these days. Of men trying to use women for sex and women trying to use men for money. Actual love has vacated the premises.

It basically darkens the world of humans a little more. In 2020 haven't things gotten dark enough already? And the more we darken and bring confusion and anxiety to the world, the more the real fantastic world of the heavenly Kingdom is kept at bay. 

Once again, I'm not trying to embarrass anyone who partakes in any of these fandoms. I'm just saying be careful and think about what you are doing. Why are you doing these strange sexual things? Did you want to do them before something triggered it in you?

I use to be part of the anime fandom and I know how seductive it is. Its fun, the anime world is beautiful. It's full of adventures and colors and love. Magic and great characters. There are heroes there...and sometimes it doesn't seem like there's any in the real world.

But the most amazing world is right around the corner.  It's crazy but I can feel it and it's so exciting! It's full of superhumans and adventure as well. Amazing character and the most fantastic heroes!

And it's going to be real. It is real. It' more real than the "real" world.

But God cannot tolerate unrighteousness and darkness and I understand. Heaven cannot be heaven if it's filled with the same thoughtlessness as earth. A woman who walks around with her top off not caring how that makes others feel would make people uncomfortable up there too, so would a man who just wants to use women for sex. That kind of thing will not fly in the Kingdom, all that has to be cleansed out. 

That "cleansing" will be with fire like the bible says. 

That's why we gotta turn away from some of the bad things anime might have programmed into us. Cleanse ourselves now so we don't have to be cleansed in the fire later...

We're all just learning, myself included. And the more we learn, the more we grow beautiful as humans. And the more beautiful we become, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, the closer the Kingdom gets. And you won't need the false anime world anymore. 

The greatest adventure you could imagine is the Kingdom, remember that! Better than any video game, anime, or romance novel. Don't trade in the amazing pleasures of heaven for slutty Hitler or assassin sex cats.

Leave this kind of fuckery in hell where it belongs.