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That Time I Accidently Summoned a Black God (Extended)


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On Medium, I just produced this story and I am very proud of how bizarre people are finding it. lol:

The story is wild but it's true. You should read that one first because I'm just going to elaborate on some stuff here.

Question: How is it I keep summoning these very powerful deities usually by complete accident? 

I think I'm some kind of "Medium." And I mean Medium as in a person who has the ability to speak to spirits (Ironically, I now work for a blog called "Medium.")

I know the Bible talks unkindly about Mediums (I think you are supposed to kill us). But I have been this way since I was a child and don't know how to not do it. I asked God to train me away from it if that's his wish. So far, I don't think this ability is leaving me. In fact, it might be getting stronger.

The Bible dislikes Mediums but loves Prophets. So I needed to figure out what was the difference was between a Medium and Prophet. They both speak to spirits and seemed to have prophetic abilities, so why does God hate one and love the other? Well, as far as I can tell, a Medium talks to multiple spirits and a Prophet speaks only to The Most High God and perhaps his son.

So that's my plan, to no longer communicate with any other spirit but YHWH and his son. This is a new plan and I am just now trying to implement it. Before this revelation came to me I was accidentally conjuring up all kinds of spirits. 

I don't purposely try to speak to spirits but when I was a child I was taught how to make cartoon shows in my head. I started out making stories out of my favorite cartoon characters, like Tom and Jerry. Basically, fanfiction in my daydreams. This is a normal thing that lots of children do. But somehow I think I started channeling spirits through these animations in my head. And within the past 10 or so years it's gotten to the point where strange spirits visit me, usually when I read some kind of text the spirit is attached too. 

And that's where the Medium article comes in.

Temple of the Dark Ancestor (玄祖殿 Xuánzǔdiàn) in YibinSichuan.


In the Medium article, I discussed how I accidentally summoned a Black Taoist deity called  Zhēnwu (Heidi). I also mentioned how he showed me a very disturbing vision. I didn't describe what the vision was because I didn't want that kind of scary thing on my Medium article. But I'll describe it here. It's a bit controversial, but I'm just relaying the vision the way I was shown it. 


The dream started with me being in the city. I don't know what city as there were no identifying markers, at least none I was familiar with. 

There was a group of inner-city kids, mostly black, Hispanic, and Native American. They were spiritually gifted children, they were special to God (The Most High God). There were newspaper articles written about these children and their families and bloodlines talking about how they were very special. I remember seeing the newspapers about them. They started attracting a lot of attention and strange people wanted to take them and teach them all kinds of weird things.

This older white woman was the head of some organization and started taking the children and giving the children special classes to help train them to use their spiritual abilities. 

I was one of these children and I went through the training and what-not with them. Everything was fine until the lady tells us that we have been chosen for an extra special class. So she takes us to a pretty normal-looking building, it was lovely and bright with lots of windows. 

We walk into it following her. We are lead into a hallway, all white/slight yellow color. If you want to get a look and feel of it look up "The Backrooms" memes. When I told my son about this vision he recommended I look up this creepy image of a pretty normal looking hallway that just has a bad feeling to it.

We walk down the halls and when the little lady gets to the wall she waves her hand and the wall slides away. A hidden door! We are now in another hall absolutely identical to the one we just left. She does it again, another wall slides away. We enter into another perfectly identical hallway. The woman does it a third time, this is all done very quickly. 

She isn't giving us time to think about what the hell is going on...


I think after the 3rd or 4th time, we walk down another small hallway. This one looks a little different, and we enter into what looks like a basement room.

In the room, there is a long table with a light-colored tablecloth on it. Behind the table were 2 or three men, they all appeared to be Jewish. At least one of them, the one I felt was the main one, was wearing a yamaka. He was slightly overweight and had a white beard, not very thick, and white hair. He smiled at us kids and welcomed us.  Then he invited us to take seats or stand and he started to introduce the class.

"This is a class where we are going to study immortality," He said and then smiled. And my heart crashed down to my kidneys.  I instantly knew we were in serious trouble.

In that moment, I realized the little old lady lead us through a maze, a labyrinth! If one were trying to escape it would be nearly impossible because all the hallways looked the same, how would we know which wall to make slide away that would lead us to the right hall that would take us back where we could escape?

She had lead us into an underground, hidden room. No one could hear us scream down here and there was little chance police or anybody would be able to find this room. And now these people wanted to study "Immortality." How the hell were they going to do that? Why the hell did they have to lead us down here to do it? 

I got such a horrible feeling because I knew we were in existential trouble! They could kill us, do anything they want to us and we were helpless, hidden in the center of this underground maze.

As the small hat Jewish man was talking I tried to sneak back into the hallway. I knew it would be nearly impossible for me to know how to get out of the maze but I didn't care. I would take my chances.

But just as I snuck out of the room, another small woman entered the hallway from the maze and I had to run back into the room or be discovered and that's when I woke up.


This vision frightened me because it seemed so real. When I woke up I was shocked, not to mention relieved. I know that was my punishment for reading that weird Taoist spell. But I couldn't shake the feeling that this was really happening somewhere. What was I supposed to do? Should I call the police? I really thought about it because I felt like this was really happening somewhere. I even searched the internet to see if there were any news stories about a group of missing inner-city kids. Unfortunately, there are tons of missing black, brown, and red children. And my dream didn't have any identifying markers that I could recognize so I don't even know what city that was taking place in.

Like I said, this was some kind of punishment and warning. I doubt whatever spirit showed me that wanted me to go to the police because if so I would have had some kind of identifying markers in the dream. The whole thing reminds me of that movie "Get Out!" (a movie I haven't seen but heard a lot about). Though I don't know about organ harvesting black people I do believe they are running medical experiments and doing all kinds of weird things with black children and people of color.

How do I know? Who do you think taught me to channel spirits using cartoon characters?

A lot of weird evil stuff going on, but I believe we are coming to the end where a lot of truths will be revealed. 

In the meantime, I'm just praying...a lot! Hope that God is protecting all the children out there especially children of color. 


  1. Very interesting. Regardless your feelings about the mysterious group, Q (not an individual person, as media would have you believe), they have commented at length about sexual human trafficking of minors and young, adult women, and much of what they have mentioned - and articles referred to by them, from others speaking openly about the subject, is kids/women being led through extensive tunnel networks in large cities throughout the US - especially on the western and eastern coasts, including D.C., to underground rooms/areas where all manner of nefarious happenings take place. As such, I think your vision is on point.

    1. Oh yeah, that's all true and it's been going on for a while now. I've heard about Q anon, I just wish they didn't cloud everything with Politics. Neither Trump nor Biden are going to save us, but I do appreciate this group at least talking about these things and helping to spread awareness.


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