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Girls like Masculine Assholes...And BTS Doesn't Exist Cause I Said So.

Pop group "BTS." Korean boys, but you can call them all "Chad."

I pretty much gave up on dating and relationships. I have simply spent too much time reading messages from men like this and said...aww, to hell with it!

The best part is, read this poignant line right here: Men basically imagine that their romantic interest is going to be an extremely beautiful, feminine, caring, somewhat shy and reserved chick who will not see him as a collection of resources and skills (as the real world see's him) but will instead see through his "veil"

That's a very well said line right there, but anyone sees the contradictions? According to this writer, men want a woman who won't see him as a "collection of resources and skills." And then when he's asked to describe men's perfect fantasy woman, you got it! He lists off a bunch of resources and skills. He's not interested in going beyond her veil. She has to be extremely beautiful, first and for most. Then he lists off several other resources and skills she has to have. Not one mention of seeing through her veil, her veil is all that matters to him.


And that was probably the nicest part of this post. The rest is simply insulting women. So if women aren't the collection of resources and skills that he desires, he dismisses them as all being fake, love criminals and live in a fantasy world. I'd say whoever wrote this post is the one living in a fantasy. 

Rapist and Drug dealers? Is that why girls are losing their minds for these boy bands like BTS?  They look like rapist and drug dealers to you?

Pop band "BTS"

So ya'll gonna act like Edward Cullen ain't a thing?

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.

I've tried talking to these men that are called "incels" but really there is no talking to guys like this. They whine, they belittle, insult, and talk disrespectfully about women...then they have no idea why women don't want to date them.

So, all you can do is let them stew in the hell they've made for themselves, the hell of their own minds. BTS, Edward Cullen, the 50 percent of men out there were are married whether they are rich or poor, fat or thin, old or young, none of that exists to them. .

In reality, the only thing that doesn't exist is the collection of resources and skills they are looking for who won't look at them as a collection of resources and skills. 

Like always attracts like so if you don't want a shallow woman, don't be shallow yourself!

It's as simple as that!