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That Time I Accidently Summoned a Black God

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Around late April, early May 2020 the social networks lit up with a very peculiar story about a white woman who died of a severe anxiety attack after trying to summon a Haitian diety called Papa Legba.

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A lot of young people these days practice witchcraft and even try summoning demons/Gods like they think it's a joke.

It’s not a joke, even though Tik Tok witches are a thing. These people are messing with dangerous magic and finding trouble because of it.

I know better than to try to summon otherworldly beings on purpose (except YHWH) But I have done it by accident and I’m going to tell you how…and why I think I’m still alive to tell about it.

I hope this will feed anyone out there who might be curious and make you think twice about summoning these spirits on purpose!



I love studying the supernatural. So when I discovered a book about Ancient Taoist exorcism techniques I dove in headfirst without thinking much about the consequences.

And it was all good…until the very last chapter that started to delve into what I can only call Taoist witchcraft and demon summoning.

I know practicing witchcraft is bad, God calls witchcraft an abomination. But I started reading the spell. I didn’t think I would get in trouble just by reading it.

It was a spell to summon the God Zhēnwu (Heidi). The God was described as having skin as black as night and this set my imagination off. Ancient Chinese martial artist worshipped a black God?

While reading the spell I got very drowsy and couldn’t stay awake. I knew this was God trying to pull me into a dream to tell me something but I thought God was going to tell me something good or send me a nice vision. Something that would inflate my pathetic human ego like it usually does when a God chooses to talk to me.

Nope, Nopity, NOPE! It was a disturbing vision!

There was no blood or anything, I was thankfully released from this dream before the slaughterhouse party got started. But suffice it to say it was scary enough that I DELETED the book containing that Taoist witchcraft off my Kindle.

I shudder to think what Kat Restin might have been shown that would cause her an anxiety attack so bad it made her “give up the ghost.” The only upside, if there is any, is that the horror of it probably forced her to repent before she died. So perhaps her spirit was cleansed from her sin of witchcraft.

I don’t know that for sure. I’m just taking my own experiences and applying it to what might have happened to Kat. I know whenever I mess with witchcraft, even if I’m not really aware it’s witchcraft (like some New Age practices), I get sent really disturbing visions.

(If you want to know what the actual vision was I wrote about it in another blog here)

They're more real than the typical nightmare. It feels like you lived a whole life in those dreams. Like, it’s your normal life that has suddenly gotten very dark and scary. You do not know you are dreaming until you wake up. It’s such an awful feeling!



Who am I that the great Tetragrammaton God should visit me? I don’t know, but I do believe I accidentally summoned him and saw him.

I can’t even describe how intense and terrifying he is.

It started about 6–8 years ago when I started studying the Bible hard. When I would read the old testament I kept getting this image in my mind of a black dragon. I didn’t know why.

Then I started watching some youtube videos from TruthUnveiled777. I don’t really watch that channel much anymore, but at the time he was promoting a version of the Bible called the Cepher. This translation of the Bible claimed to have the restored name of God within it.

So I started studying with this version of the Bible and calling God by the name I found in this book. I didn’t realize I was actually summoning God.

This being started appearing in dream visions.

He is EXTREMELY angry.

The good thing is he is righteous. He will not harm any innocent. But if your heart ain’t pure, he will kill you straight up.

He will also protect you from danger if you call on his name.

I think this Black Dragon God is only one aspect of the Biblical God. I looked up the name the Cepher had for him and found “The Wrath of God” as one of the definitions. That definitely describes this deity, pure wrath.

There is another side I’ve seen to him though. A more unified version that had no wrath from what I could sense. Instead, there was a profound loneliness.

The loneliness isn’t hopeless, but it’s more like a “long-suffering.” He’s waiting for humans to understand him. I can relate to that kind of loneliness.

I try to praise him and sing him songs or write poems to cheer him up. I also try to visualize pleasant things for him. He prefers I think forgiving, uplifting thoughts. Humble thoughts. Righteous thoughts. Thoughts of repentance and gratitude.

While doing research the other day I found out that one of the forms of Heidi is also a Black Dragon. So I was wondering if these two deities are the same.

But when YHWH pays me a visit every cell in my body starts to quiver with fear, whether he is in dragon form or not. His power is immense. Although I could feel great power from Heidi, it was nothing like what I feel from the tetragrammaton God. When I am in his presence all I can do is tremble.

According to the Bible, you are supposed to summon the YHWH if you are in serious trouble. He is the only God we are supposed to summon.

“Call on the name of the Lord and you will be saved.” 
(Joel 2:32, Acts 2:21, Romans 10:13)

“You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.” 
(Exodus 20:7)

Just make sure you don’t have hate in your heart or are summoning him for some evil reason.

Seriously, if you contact him for a wicked purpose, like to put a hex on someone, it really won’t be pretty. Be on your best behavior before approaching him. Using the 10 commands as a checklist is a start.


If you get visited by these beings the more pure your heart is the better your chances are that they won’t harm you. The more childlike you are, the better.

Childlike enough that you're not above singing songs to cheer up angry dragon God, at least. :)

If you are basically good but get out of line they might send you bad visions and experiences to get you back on track. Their job is to refine you and perfect you before you die.

Likewise, I find sometimes when I think humble and righteous thoughts I get sent very good visions and experiences. Like, sweet dreams about my first love:

But don’t do good things just to try to get gifts. They always know it and will ignore you.

It has to be from the heart or it doesn’t count!