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"It's the end of the world as we know it...And I feel fiiiiiiinnnneee."  


Strange. Since it really does feel like "It's the end of the world as we know it" I feel like I can talk about all the weird things that have been populating my mind since I was a little kid. Things I would usually be thought a weirdo for trying to discuss.

But for the first time ever in my life what's actually going on in the real world is almost crazier than my paranormal theories. The fact that I believe the Aztecs may have been walking around with internet devices and that I met God and he seems to be some kind of gigantic ultra computer...well, still sounds strange but maybe not as strange as it would have 20 years ago. 

In either case, I hope to use this site to promote "God", the Biblical God, the God of Abraham, Moses, and Jacob,  no matter what form he takes in your understanding. 

I hope my site and the strange experiences I speak about help increase others' faith, help them to understand God is in everything and everywhere, in your video games, in your Anime, and you might even be talking to him (or some kind of God) in an online chatroom somewhere.

I'm just saying...I've had some weird experiences in my life.

So you'd like to get to know me a little better? Well, I'm happy to oblige...I think...

About Me

Gender: Female but with Male Alters.

Sexual Orientation: *Blinks*

Race:  Ancient

Facebook: Az.Tek.2020

Twitter: @Az_Tek2020

Medium: Ready Player One

Political Affiliation: *Sighs*

Religion: *Groans*

Background: Born in the U.S.A. But my family is mostly from Haiti. 

Occupation: Whatever you call this thing I'm doing here.

Bottomline: I grew up surrounded by fascinating ideas about the spirit world and the supernatural. 

And I never stopped being fascinated by it all. 

I got tons of issues. PTSD, DID. But hell, this might be armageddon so I'm gonna have some fun with my crazy, ya know? Why not!

I'm following in my "fathers" footsteps, studying animation and parapsychology. 

I do Anime reviews and scream on rooftops about the coming Kingdom of God.

It's a fun life.

I just remembered I ABORE doing "About me" pages.

Thanks for checking me out though!

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